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Department of Spatial Planning
Goals and Methods

Outputs of the R&D Phase

LIRLAP integrates sustainable spatial development and risk management. With primacy of urban risk governance, the project seeks long-standing strategies on: 

  • Sustaining re-settlement sites via urban livelihood strategies; 
  • Revitalise on-site upgrading for community resilience building and pilot locally viable resilience design of the prioritised informal settlement’ 
  • Balancing spatial structure of Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces as a chance to accommodate future re-settlement; 
  • Preparing for peripheral mid-size cities’ growth; and 
  • Diverging urban growth into other regional metro-areas so as to augment growth absorption. 

LIRLAP intends to contribute to the following discussions: 

  • Dealing with disaster risk through spatial planning, especially in settlements that are hardest hit and least equipped with the formal system of risk-reducing planning mechanisms. 
  • Strengthening resilience while focusing on reducing social vulnerability. Since the most vulnerable people live in informal settlements, their livelihoods are at the heart of the interventions examined. 
  • Support mainstreaming to promote implementation and translate scientific knowledge into capacity building, policy advice and transferable knowledge. 
  • A Joint Doctoral Program and training courses for planning practitioners will be developed to improve local solution capacities.