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Department of Spatial Planning

Workshop February 2020

Objectives of the workshop series

  • To establish contact with key stakeholders and learn their concerns regarding LIRLAP work packages
  • (WPs) and issues beyond; 
  • To learn potential case study sites for both current scoping and the consequent four-year R&D phase;  
  • To initiate start-up short training program; 
  • To outreach other ASEAN countries engaged in risk governance and urban management via subcontracting and support letters. 
  • To create a basis for knowledge validation and screening of implementable strategies(technically and financially) regarding all four WPs during next workshop series in October 2020. 

Besides output derived from each individual WP1 to 4, the following outcomes were identified: 

  • Synchronized results were used for the full proposal writing of the subsequently planned four-year R&D phase (2021-2024) in collaboration with the two cooperation above-mentioned partners from Germany, UP SURP (as local hub) and further partners in ASEAN (outreaching partners), representing the governmental sphere, the private sector and the civil society. 
  • Key results will form the basis for a special issue "Sustainable Planning of Urban Regions(ISSN 2071-1050)" for publication. 

LIRLAP four WPs and targeted tasks for this workshop series (WP1-4): 

  • WP1: Risk Trends - identification of key drivers of urbanization; 
  • WP2: Resilient Upgrading - identification of agents and needs; 
  • WP3: Resilient Retreat - Identification of actor network; and 
  • WP4: Capacity Nuilding and Dissemination - training programme and Joint PhD programme. 

Around 50 participants came from relevant national, regional and local government agencies, universities and research institutions experts (from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Germany), civil society, international organizations (approx. 50 people).