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Department of Spatial Planning
Goals and Methods

Conceptual Framework

LIRLAP takes a dynamic perspective and assesses the impacts of future urban growth and densification scenarios in Metro Manila on, first, the future growth of informal settlements by means of urban growth models considering the urban morphology and socio-economic factor and, second, on the future availability of land suitable for receiving resettlement (WP 1).

Moreover, the R&D phase analysis lessons learnt from other countries and deeply by fieldworks on on-site upgrading of informal settlements and on retreat options, enhanced by knowledge transfer to and from Thailand and Vietnam. 

This knowledge leads to two pilot studies for resilient upgrading and resilient retreat designs on the ground (WP 2 and WP 3) and to guidelines for resilient upgrading and resilient retreat. This package will serve for mainstreaming upgrading and retreat in urban risk management (WP 4), assessing local policies in South East Asia and disseminated to relevant stakeholders. The same applies to tailor-made training courses and a Joint PhD program with UP SURP where knowledge and solutions will be generated and transferred and disseminated (WP 5).


LIRLAP Conceptual Framework for R&D Phase