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Department of Spatial Planning
Working Packages

Overview and Responsibilities

LIRLAP has developed six work packages for the research and development phase (3/2021 - 2/2025), which were assigned to technical expertise according to the LIRLAP cooperation partners: 

WP 1

Risk trends and relocation options with urban growth Lead: LMU, Prof. Dr. Matthias Garschagen; partner SURP
WP2 Resilient upgrading Lead: IRPUD, TUDO, Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving and UP SURP
WP3 Resilient resettlement Lead: IREUS, University of Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Jörn Birkmann and UP SURP
WP4 Mainstreaming of upgrading and relocation strategies Lead: LMU, partner University of Stuttgart, SURP
WP5 Capacity building Lead: IRPUD, TUDO, Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving, and SURP
WP6 Project Management Lead: IRPUD, TUDO, Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving, and SURP

All WPs are carried out in close cooperation in real laboratory formats with the local partner SURP (School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines) - as the central scientific institution in the Philippines in the field of urban, regional and environmental planning and a long-term cooperation partner.