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Department of Spatial Planning
Working Packages

WP 4: Mainstreaming upgrading and retreat strategies (LMU, University of Stuttgart, SURP)

WP 4 develops and formalizes the LIRLAP approach into a user-friendly, coherent conceptual framework, methodology and practical mechanism for mainstreaming upgrading and retreat DRR strategies. It has two functions:

  • To support evidence-based progression from modelling risk to decisions about choices of strategy, particularly in relation to retreat and upgrading. 
  • To help users to more clearly identify opportunities and limitations to mainstreaming the approach across sectors, scales and their different planning horizons, requiring them to identify sectoral silos and governance gaps and develop plans to address these. 

The cross-sectoral workshops will facilitate informal institutional engagement between sectors land-use planning, disaster-risk management, and others such as housing and social assistance. 

D4.1 (Final) LIRLAP Protocol for Mainstreaming Upgrading and Retreat
D4.2 Case-study Mainstreaming Roadmaps and Regional Comparative Report
M4.1 Draft LIRLAP Protocol
M4.2 Final dissemination events (Manila, Hanoi, Bangkok)