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Department of Spatial Planning
Results of the Definition Phase

WP 3: Resilient Retreat (University of Stuttgart, SURP)

Actors relevant to the topics of resilient retreat and resettlement have been identified in the context of urban development planning, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction management. The screening was carried out through an analysis of existing and planned upgrading and relocation projects and their actors involved. 

Official legal documents were evaluated according to official responsibilities and hierarchies. 

The findings led to a preliminary stakeholder matrix which represents the network of all stakeholders involved in resilient urban development planning at the national, regional, local and civil society levels. It provides an understanding of the complex governance structure of the Metro Manila region. Existing and planned programs and over 100 resettlement projects in Metro Manila and in the neighbouring regions of Central Luzon the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon making up the CALABARZON  Region were identified. 

A literature review on the measurability of resilience and the success factors of resettlement projects was carried out. 

The final output will be a settlement typology on retreat and resettlement projects.