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Department of Spatial Planning
Results of the Definition Phase

WP 4: Capacity Building and Dissemination (SURP, TU Dortmund)

A review and analysis of existing training courses and a capacity needs analysis was undertaken. Two course curricula on the topics of Integration of Community Resiliency in Urban Shelter Planning and Management and on Smarter Urban Governance for Settlements Development Planning and Management were developed, with inputs from experts and a marketing strategy undertaken. 

The content and the legal framework of a Joint PhD program was reviewed through bilateral discussions with the Director of Graduate Studies from  UP SURP and its counterpart at TUDO. A comparative analysis of the doctoral program regulations, admission criteria and doctoral courses were likewise conducted. A draft of a Joint PhD agreement was coordinated with the TU Dortmund legal office. It has been positively discussed within the PhD committee and the faculty board of the Faculty of Spatial Planning at TUDO and the Director of Graduate Studies at UP SURP. 

Potential partners in Thailand and Vietnam were identified and invited to participate in the interim results workshop in Manila in February 2020. In October 2020, a second workshop was conducted for knowledge validation and screening of feasible strategies as well as for project´s outcomes dissemination.