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Department of Spatial Planning
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The interdisciplinary team of KaiserIngenieure, consisting of civil engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and technical staff, has been developing development and management solutions for customers of all sizes and from all sectors since 1994. More than 750 projects have already been successfully completed among others for public and private clients in the areas of rainwater management, flood protection. 

Since the early 1990s, KaiserIngenieure has been involved in the conception and planning of the conversion of the Emscher system and has worked on a large number of research and model projects as well as large-scale and small-scale planning. The reconstruction of the Emscher system is the largest European infrastructure project and has pursued a sustainable, integrated and decentralized planning approach since its inception. It has been shown that this approach is particularly flexible in responding to changing spatial constraints such as population shrinkage and growth, falling or rising groundwater levels, and changing precipitation regimes in the wake of climate change. The planning approaches developed have already been successfully applied in other countries of the global south and adapted to the conditions there. KaiserIngenieure will follow up in the research phase of LIRLAP. 

Prof. Dr. Mathias Kaiser KaiserIngenieure, Dortmund mkaiserkaiseringenieurede