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Department of Spatial Planning


LIRLAP members published the following relevant to the project

  • Greiving, Stefan, Juan, Du., Puntub, Wiriya (2018). Managed retreat – international and comparative perspectives. In: Journal of Extreme Events. Vol. 05, No. 02 (2018).

  • Puntub, Wiriya, and Du, Juan. (2019): ‘Disaster Risk Governance and Urban Resilience of Informal Settlements: Findings and Reflections of a Multi-Stakeholder Participatory Gap Analysis Workshop in Metro Manila’. ‘TRIALOG 134 3/2018 – August 2019. Resilient Urban Development vs. Right to the City’. Trialog Journal.
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  • Delos Reyes M.R., Gamboa M.A.M., Rivera R.R.B. (2020): The Philippines’ National Urban Policy for Achieving Sustainable, Resilient, Greener and Smarter Cities. In: Kundu D., Sietchiping R., Kinyanjui M. (eds) Developing National Urban Policies. Springer, Singapore.

  • Juan Du and Stefan Greiving. (2020): Reclaiming On-Site Upgrading as a Viable Resilience Strategy-Viabilities and Scenarios through the Lens of Disaster-Prone Informal Settlements in Metro Manila. Sustainability 2020, 12(24), 

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