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Department of Spatial Planning
Working Packages

WP 2: Resilient upgrading (TUDO, partner SURP)

WP 2 emphasizes on-site upgrading as a process of enhancing ISFs’ livelihoods, community coping capacity to withstand natural calamities and shocks; and building up risk governance among multi-tier stakeholders. Objectives accentuate a community-based approach counterbalanced with planning interventions. Given current on-site upgrading’s low priority as a planning intervention, WP 2 strives for a resilience responsive plan with structural, cohesive and actionable upgrading activities.

This plan wants to make safety requirements and livelihood improvement compatible. It particularly addresses issues of reducing overlapping vulnerability of ISFs in high-risk areas; securing ISFs’ asset ownership and household livelihood opportunities; optimizing settlement space for adaptive resilient (re)uses and supporting proximity concept for ISFs to access resources and employment with improved mobility. Importantly, increasing ISFs’ resilience to natural disasters shall not be compromised by upgrading measures.

Results of WP 2 provide for WP 5 up-to-date training contents and topics for the PhD programme. The development of an upgrading design in a pilot study and upgrading guidelines that draws on the intensive fieldwork will be the output. 

D2.1 Report on cross-country upgrading policies and practices among the partner countries
D2.2 Report on temporal-spatial analysis of upgrading activities in Metro Manila
D2.3 Portfolio of focal sites for citywide development in Metro Manila
D2.4 Report on pilot site assessments in Metro Manila
D2.5 Report on resilient upgrading knowledge transfer from the Philippines to Thailand and Vietnam and vice versa
D2.6 Proposal of resilient design in the pilot site in Metro Manila
D2.7 Report on disaster-driven upgrading activities and upgrading guidelines in three countries
M2.1 Identification of focal sites for citywide development in Metro Manila
M2.2 Selection of one pilot site in Metro Manila
M2.3 Completion of knowledge transfer from Metro Manila to Bangkok and Hanoi, and vice versa
M2.4 Political approval of guidelines and pilot sites in Metro Manila